Jan 25

Finding Media Partners to Sponsor Your Product, Service Idea or Event

mediapartner.jpgA few days ago one of the members of the Women’s eCommerce Association asked a question about Media Sponsorships. Here is what she wrote:  “Heidi, I am working on a Virtual Book Tour and was wondering if you could suggest anyone I could approach about becoming a ‘Media Sponsor’.  A Media Sponsor is a media organisation like a radio station, online or printed publication or TV station that promotes our Virtual Book Tour in terms of media coverage instead of making a cash donation.”Here is my response:  What is the subject matter of the book?  It has been my experience that most media partner with groups and individuals based upon a prior relationship. Some questions a partner might ask you are: Who is your target market and how does it match/complement ours? 

What do we “get” for being a media partner (what are the benefits to the partner)? Why would we want to be your partner? What are you going to do to promote your book/blog/site (or event, service, idea)?  Are you supporting a cause (no-profit organization) that the media partner might be interested in also supporting?  If so, the nonprofit may also be willing to and interested in helping you promote your book. Some of things I would suggest are: 

Do an internet search is to find out which media are currently supporting projects that might be similar to yours. That is always a good place to start because these media partners may be more inclined to support similar efforts. 

If you are looking for local media, contact your local business leagues and chambers of commerce for a listing of local media contacts or do a Google Search for them.Ask your circles who their media contact are, and who they recommend you connect with. From there you an build an impressive list of resources.

Another great resource is Assignment Editor http://www.assignmenteditor.com/ which has an extensive list of links to media and resources. There’s also Worldwide Broadcasters which links to television and radio broadcasters and networks around the world, from Australia to Vatican City and nations in between. Most national broadcaster sites are in their local language.

I like Media Post which is a free membership community – when you sign up you get access to this comprehensive business and social network of over 100,000 media, marketing and advertising professionals! Go here to Sign up for a free MediaPost account.

Also, check out the resources on the Women’s Media Summit Blog which lists lots of media resources, some of which may be of help to you –

Hope this has been of help…. Thanks for asking! 


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